First Post! And, Frogpocalypse

So, for pretty much my whole life I’ve loved sci-fi horror and action movies. I’ve also got a dark sense of humor with a strong side of “dad jokes”, which went from strange to surprisingly convenient when I had kids. Before kids, I was just weird. Now I’m just one of those dads who makes everyone groan with puns every now and then.

Anyway, I love stories like Aliens or The Thing, where the threat comes from the creature’s very biology. We’re less concerned about it killing some people, and more concerned about it becoming an extinction-level event for the entire planet. To me, a monster plentiful enough to engage in Aliens-style action scenes but actually different from the existing bestiary of critters, is something I want to read.

So with that in mind, let me introduce my first public story, Frogpocalypse. If I ever make it a series, the series will probably be called Reign of Frogs.

Who can stop the Reign of Frogs? Miami, FL is the perfect target for a new amphibious bioweapon: chimpanzee/frog hybrids with near-human intelligence, opposable thumbs, chameleonic abilities, and the ability to clone themselves if they can get enough food. This ribbeting action-packed adventure is (super-long) tongue in cheek, but make no mistakes: the Frogpocalypse is coming, and these monsters are hopping mad!

It’s presently in the process of publishing to Amazon’s Kindle Vella. Depending on how much folks get into it, I might also push it to other platforms as well.






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